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Success Case: Brognoli's Digital Transformation with Plathanus Partnership

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Brognoli is a company with a solid track record of over 65 years in the real estate market in Santa Catarina, with a focus on rentals and sales. In the last five years, the company has embraced a digital transformation process as a strategy to innovate and diversify its business.

To achieve this ambitious goal, Brognoli has given life to a specialized branch in investments and startup development. Currently, nine startups are under the company's umbrella, receiving investments and support. Additionally, Brognoli has launched its own insurance brokerage for the real estate market, Imobseguros.


Faced with expansion and the search for innovation, Brognoli needed a specialized partner to develop the technological infrastructure for one of its most promising startups.

It is in this challenging scenario that Plathanus enters, a company specialized in software development with an agile approach focused on problem-solving. With personalized service for each client, Plathanus ensures precise adaptation to the needs and realities of each company.

Next, let's explore how Brognoli found in Plathanus the solution to its technological demands and how it managed to create the necessary infrastructure for its new startup.

Here we go!

The Challenge: Towards Digital Transformation

During the digital transformation process, Brognoli identified that one of its priorities was the development of new technologies, especially those that would enhance the customer experience and the quality of its platforms.

In this context, one particular project required special attention: the development of the website and application for the startup Terraz, a digital rental company.

Faced with these complex needs, Brognoli realized that it needed to seek partners with the knowledge and expertise to meet its demands, as it did not have the internal know-how required. And so, the search for companies capable of delivering what they needed began.

The Solution: Plathanus - Software Development Specialists

Plathanus is a company specialized in software development that offers two partnership models: specific project development and outsourcing, where professionals are dedicated to specific client projects.
Initially focusing on the needs of Terraz, Brognoli chose Plathanus to develop the project. The first step was to carry out a discovery work using the Lean Inception methodology. This allowed Brognoli to have absolute clarity about the project's needs. Then, Plathanus designed and developed the website and app for the startup.

Eduardo Barbosa, co-founder and CEO of Brognoli, emphasizes that the choice of Plathanus was due to the combination of two crucial capabilities for the company. "First, the experience and competence in software development. Second, a deep understanding of the real estate market and its sector needs. It's the synergy of these capabilities that fully meets our needs," he highlights.

Results: Turning Dreams into Reality

Eduardo reports that the major achievement resulting from the partnership with Plathanus was the transformation of what was once just a project and a dream for the brand, Terraz, into a tangible reality.

Furthermore, from this initial project, what he calls "subproducts" emerged, startups that are now following their own path with continuous investment from the company. "Plathanus is the embodiment of our desire for proximity to experienced professionals. That's what brought us closer to the company," he comments.

Benefits of the Plathanus Partnership

Whether for specific projects or long-term partnerships, Plathanus has a highly qualified team of professionals in constant evolution, ready to deliver customized solutions within the necessary timeframe.

This allows companies to optimize their resources, eliminate the need for internal technology development, and ensure greater flexibility and agility in deliveries and problem-solving.
In addition to software development, Plathanus has expertise in project management, ensuring that deliveries are made at the right time and pace.

Whether for specific projects or dedicated teams, Plathanus is the ideal partner for companies seeking agile and personalized technological solutions. Get in touch with us and discover how we can help your company reach new heights of innovation and success.

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