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Guilherme Senna Rossoni

Business Development Manager

Plathanus on a Winning Streak!

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Technological transformation is inevitable for every business. Even the hardiest traditionalists must learn to steer into the skid in order to, at the very least, survive rapid and radical advancements. Change is a good challenge, though, and doesn’t necessarily have to be a daunting experience!

As a leading development agency, Plathanus offers support for a seamless technological transition. We craft digital products that establish your name in the virtual world, expand your brand awareness, and streamline the delivery of your products and services.

Our diversity skilled team believes that a good solution becomes a great solution when it covers all corners of a business challenge. This is why we provide effective products that help you reach your audience through various channels and build software that both automates your internal processes and increases your productivity. We make tech that works and thinks for you!

We have seen numerous clients to their success and find enough reward in the work we do, but we certainly won’t shy away from recognition. We’re thrilled to announce that we have received our 13th 5-star client review on the B2B ratings platform, Clutch!

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In this most recent project, we created a website and native mobile app in line with a real estate firm’s efforts to put up a booking platform. Developers from our team have successfully integrated with the client’s own, and it has all made for a productive partnership.

“We were able to deliver a new feature a week after the first developer joined us.”
— CTO, Tabas

Promptness underlines our every practice, as we understand the tight timelines that most businesses run by. Of course, while we work fast, we make sure that it is not at the expense of quality.

As if a streak of perfect ratings on Clutch wasn’t a big win for us already, we’ve garnered second place among the 30 premier developers who are featured in their sister site, The Manifest. Being included in a useful guide such as this helps us build credibility as well as make our mark in the B2B space.

We thank our clients who have taken the time to leave their honest feedback about our work. Your insight is highly valued here at Plathanus!

Ready to digitally transform your company? Get in touch with us today to find out more about our solutions!

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